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Jeanette Wright




I am Jeanette Wright and have been teaching communication skills for the last 12 years.

I have qualified as a Trainer/Assessor for Communication Tactics exams run by CACDP and also holds NVQ Business Administrator Assessor D32/D33 qualification, for which I received trainee of the year award from Southend College in 1997.

I was born hearing and became deaf very suddenly. Until that point I did not understand anything about deafness - my grandfather had a body worn hearing aid and we all used to shout at him because we thought that would help him - how wrong can you be?

After a number of years cutting myself off from society I decided to learn Sign Language so I could communicate better with my children - from that day onwards I have never looked back.

Communication is so very important in out lives - without it we have nothing.

We communicate in three ways: verbally, vocally and through body language. Do you know by what amount we do each..

You can be the richest person on earth but without communication you can also be the loneliest.

If you would like further information on courses or wish to book training please contact me at jeanette@wcts.org.uk

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